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SDF’s featured in National Guard Newsmagazines

Numerous State Defense Forces have their own newsmagazines and are also featured in their states military department newsmagazine.  These are some of the latest editions.  Here are some highlights and links to them:



The California State Military Reserve (State Defense Force) was recently featured in the California National Guard newsmagazine as they participated in a joint multi nation exercise.

Grizzly Issue – Click Here to Read



The Georgia State Defense Force was featured in the Georgia National Guard Q4 newsmagazine repeatedly.  They worked side by side with the National Guard during the Hurricane Maria operation.

Georgia Guardsmen Q4 Issue – Click Here to Read



The New York Guard (State Defense Force) recently released their Fall 2017 newsmagazine, the issue covers a wealth of material, from their numerous activations in 2017 to Annual Training.  In 2017 alone the New York Guard was activated for the following missions:

  • The Anti -Terrorism Surge of last fall (2017)
  • Operation Lake Ontario from May to August of this year,
  • Operation Maria Support
  • Operation Turkey Drop

Click Here to Read the Fall 2017 Issue



The Texas Military Department feature the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) in their newsmagazine repeatedly.  In the last few issues they covered the joint task force missions between the Army National Guard, Air National Guard and State Guard.

OCTOBER 2017 Issue – Click Here to Read

DECEMBER 2017 Issue – Click Here to Read

JANUARY 2018 Issue – Click Here to Read


*Updated New York Guard news to 2017 not 2016


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