More NY Guard troops go on State Active Duty

The New York Guard (State Defense Force) has recently added more troops to its State Active Duty mission, which is to assist in the Joint Task Force Coronavirus response mission.  Previously the NY Guard had 75 troops on Active Duty, that number has recently been increased to 85 troops.  These troops are currently working side by side with the National Guard assisting in logistical, planning and administrative roles.


Here is a video montage covering the mission:

The New York Guard currently has 85 service members on paid state active duty supporting National Guard efforts throughout the state, where they are providing logistics and operations assistance supporting the New York National Guard and NY State multi-agency response to COVID-19.

The New York Guard is a state volunteer force which augments and supports the New York National Guard with manpower and skills during State Emergencies and Domestic operations when called upon by the National Guard.
For more information on how to join the New York Guard visit and click on Enlistment Resources tab

Source: New York Guard

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