Texas Soldiers become sailors

Soldiers of the 2nd & 6th Brigade of The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) recently trained in basic boat operations as coxswains and crewmen to support Texas Dive Teams during statewide emergencies.

Members of 2nd and 6th Brigades, Texas State Guard trained in basic boat operations on the lake as coxswains and crewmen, while others took the classroom portion of diver tender training to prepare them for working hand in hand with Texas State Guard dive teams. Capt. Scott Runnels, the officer in charge of the boat operations training cadre, led a team of experts and engineers in subjects ranging from engine operation and maintenance to waterborne rescue. To accomplish its missions of waterborne rescue and diver operations, the Texas State Guard has a fleet of 13 patrol-sized boats and 20 smaller, flatbottom boats.
The photos show troops practicing boat to boat personnel transfers, towing of another vessel, and basic navigation and boat operations.
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