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A ‘Scuttlebutt’ Podcast Show Going Live on Sunday

We are announcing a new LIVE podcast show that will be airing this Sunday at 8 PM EST.  ‘Scuttlebutt’ will be a no script, casual, live audience podcast that will discuss State Defense Force topics, from basic training, to the latest news & missions involving SDF’s. The podcast will be feature a central host who will announce the topic for each episode and allow guests to voice their comments.  The podcast will be held live on Messenger Rooms which will allow FaceBook & Non-FaceBook Users to join and participate.

The show will be approx 1 hour and be posted on podcast platforms as well as on social media for others to listen to.

So tune in this Sunday at 8 PM EST, we will post the link on our website, our FaceBook Group, and Twitter for you to link to.


Here is the podcast show art for ‘Scuttlebutt’:

We’ll see you Sunday!


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