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We added a few new articles to the ‘Publications’ section of our website. The first article covers the incredible performance of the Texas Medical Rangers, which is a unit within the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force), during the natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina & Rita. The Second article covers an important aspect, it insists each State Defense Force to have a strong, experienced and dedicated NonCommissioned Officer Corps, one that can take Non-Prior Service personnel and transition them to military life. And that without such a strong NCO corps, the professionalism and discipline of its force will be strongly lacking.

  • The Texas Medical Rangers in the Military Response of The Uniformed Medical Reserve Corps To Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita 2005: The New and Tested Role of The Medical Reserve Corps in the United States Click Here to Read – 2006
    • Colonel James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., DABECI, TXS
  • On the Need for a State Defense Force Noncommissioned Officer Council Click Here To Read – 2008
    • Ronald Scott, First Sergeant (MD)
    • Martin Hershkowitz, Colonel (MD)
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