The Unsung Heroes of The Military

One of the most physically and mentally demanding professions in the military is that of MOS 92G Army Culinary Specialist. These troops wake up long before reveille to ensure a hot breakfast is waiting for the hungry troops. They spent the rest of the day cooking lunch and dinner meals for hundreds or thousands of soldiers. Once the last soldier has eaten they spend the rest of their night cleaning the chow hall and kitchen to prep for the next day. With little sleep they wake up and perform the job again the next day.

The New York Guard recently recognized the State Guards cooking staff as they spent Annual Training ensuring every New York Guard soldier was fed with hot and nutrious meals.

A big shout out goes to our Dinning Facility (DFAC) cooking staff, led by WOC Richard Perez, who did an amazing job by providing tasty meals throughout this year’s annual training!
Pictured are WOC Richard Perez and SPC Agunwa Onyemekara from the 88th Area Command, 15th Det, in Building 505 DFAC, Camp Smith Training site, NY Guard Annual Training 2022. Photos Courtesy of New York Guard SPC Onyemekara Agunwa.


Source: New York Guard

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