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Website Re-Design Update

We were expecting to launch a brand new redesign to today, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this has been delayed. Our engineer spent the weekend working on the brand new design and managed to successfully integrate the design with our news & resource database, however on launch day a key component of the engine broke down. This error randomly disconnected the new website engine with our news database. We tried to discover the cause of the bug but haven’t been successful in identifying which component is responsible. We decided because this bug would make it difficult for users from accessing news prior to October 2022 we decided to delay the launch. We apologize for this delay and inconvenience but we want to provide you the best experience on and unfortunately this bug would have made that impossible.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be working on the engine’s code to identify and rectify this error. We will keep you notified of our progress.

Again we apologize for this setback.

Thank you Staff


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