Ohio Military Reserve Forms New UAS Unit

The Ohio Military Reserve recently created a new unit within its ranks, The 7th UAS Detachment. The units mission will be to provide operational support to the Emergency Operation Center during a statewide emergency. Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or drones offer unique capabilities during emergencies. They can quickly reconnaissance an area to find injured or stranded citizens during flooding events. Another key capability is they can travel to hazardous zones to analyze damaged buildings or infrastructure without having to risk the safety of emergency personnel.

The Ohio Military Reserve is currently recruiting for specialist with a background or are familiar with UAS or drone systems. If your interested in serving your State and Country, please fill out the following form and a recruiter will contact you – Click Here to Fill Out Form.

OHMR has stood up the 7th UAS Detachment w/ LTC Michael Reeseman as Acting CO, CSM Rick Compton as Acting 1SG, 2LT Joe Singer as Chief of Operations & Training. The BDE has acquired a Vantage Vesper UAS w/ extensive capabilities.
This new phase of operational support is seeking experience pilots or individuals who have expertise in UAS, please contact Recruiting@ohmr.ohio.gov, go to our website at www.ohiomilitaryreserve.com and please share this to your page!

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