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Poll – Should The New York Guard Change Its Name?

Across the nation, many State Defense Forces adopt recognizable names like the “Georgia State Defense Force” or the “Texas State Guard.” Yet, some forces, such as the “Indiana Guard Reserve” or “New York Guard,” deviate from this norm, potentially causing confusion. Notably, while it’s officially named the “New York Guard,” members often identify as “The State Guard.” A member of our staff, previously part of the New York Guard, confirmed that New York Guard members refer to  themselves as ‘The State Guard’, they are also referred to this designation by the other military branches of New York, The Army National Guard, Air National Guard, & Naval Militia (US Navy & US Marine Corps Reserve Personnel)

Our question for you this week: Should the “New York Guard” be renamed to “The New York State Guard” for clarity and consistency with other State Defense Forces and its members’ self-identification?

  • Yes, change it to “The New York State Guard” – This brings clarity and aligns with the names of other State Defense Forces.
  • No, keep it as “The New York Guard” – The name has history and significance unique to New York.

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