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Why The Website Went Offline

StateDefenseForce.com and the State Defense Force Online Store recently experienced an unexpected outage that left many of their users and patrons in the dark. The issue began when both websites became inaccessible, prompting immediate concern. Our site’s administrators quickly contacted their web hosting provider but faced a frustrating delay, as the provider took over a day to respond. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the administrators hired a professional IT company to diagnose the problem. After a thorough analysis, the IT experts determined that the hosting provider was responsible for the outage. When the hosting provider finally responded, they revealed that an unknown attacker had launched a DDoS attack on the websites, overwhelming their resources and forcing the provider to take both websites offline.

To ensure the long-term stability and security of our websites, the administrators consulted another professional IT company for a second opinion. This company criticized the current hosting provider, citing their lack of reliable safeguards against such attacks. They recommended migrating to a more reputable and premium hosting service. In response, we decided to take their advice and move forward with a migration plan to a more premium hosting service provider. One that is committed to preventing future disruptions and ensuring prompt reaction to any inquiry or gap in service. The migration will be handled by this new IT company, which boasts significant experience, including managing IT security and server operations for a European country. This move aims to provide a more secure and reliable online experience for all users of StateDefenseForce.com and the State Defense Force Online Store.

We apologize to our Patreon members and website visitors for the website being down. We want to provide you the best and most reliable experience while visiting our website. We strive to that goal ever single day and you will experience a faster, more reliable website from this time forth.

As we plan to hire a Professional IT Company and move to a more premium website hosting service, our costs will drastically go up to maintain the website. We ask if you aren’t a Patreon member please help support our website and the cause of State Defense Forces by supporting us via Patreon – Click Here To Join. You can join for as little as $1, cheaper than a cup of coffee. If you prefer to make a one time donation you can via Buy Us A Coffee Service – Click Here To Donate. If you donate via Buy Us A Coffee we will dedicate our next news post to you as a thank you.

This will go a long way to cover expenses as they accumulate. On top of hiring a Professional IT Company, Moving to a more Premium Web Hosting Platform, we have to pay our authors, lobbyists and other staff that keep our programs running. We appreciate anything you can do.

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