About The Website

About State Defense Force.com

We are a department of the State Guard & Defense Force Council. To Find out more information -> Click Here
StateDefenseForce.com is a website that promotes the identity of State Defense Forces throughout The United States.
We provide visitors with information of who and what The State Defense Forces are, as well as provide Website Contact listings, if individuals wish to discover more information about State Defense Forces.
What kind of information do you post?
We post general information about State Defense Forces, as to their existance and purpose.
Do you post sensitive information?
No.  All our information has been made for public viewing.
State Defense Force.com tracks and posts all the latest news, articles, and newsletters of State Defense Forces throughout the country.
What kind of News, Articles & Newsletters do you post on your website?
We provide visitors with the latest State Defense Force news. We track news clippings and articles from local, state and national news websites & papers, Public announcements, and State Military Newsletters. We then link the visitor to those sites so they can catch up on the latest State Defense Force news.
Does State Defense Force.com post sensitive news or information?
No. All the news, articles & newsletters we post are from local, state or national Newspapers, News websites or Public authorized State Military Newsletters.
How long has State Defense Force.com been around?
Since 2005.  We originally were known as Home Guard Armory.  Home Guard Armory had the same exact mission of State Defense Force.com – To Provide State Defense Force News & Information.  Home Guard Armory was renamed into State Defense Force.com in 2008.
Does State Defense Force.com charge for this service?
No. Its absolutely Free. Our mission is to make news and information gathering easier for State Defense Force members.
Do You Accept Any Donations?
Yes we do.  Please visit our Help Donate Section for more information.
How Do I Contact You?
You can reach us @ jean@statedefenseforce.com
Thank you for visiting.