We at offer advertising spots throughout our website as well as on our Facebook Group.


Some Statistics:

  • Our website features over 10,000 views a year, over 5,600 unique visitors per year*
  • Our registered user base for the website is over 13,600 users & emails
  • Our Facebook Group has approximately 2,500 members


If you are interested in purchasing space on the website or on our Facebook page please view the packages below.


To Request a Package:

  1. Select the Package you wish to purchase
  2. Email with the package name, and how many months you would like to have the ad active.



We DO NOT accept ads or requests that:

  • Are Political or endorse a political party
  • Are Offensive to a particular cultural and identification group
  • Offer private military training
  • Break or promote violating local, state or federal laws
  • Advertise products that are banned in local, state or federal property


* = 2020 Statistics via Jetpack