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The latest edition ‘Spring 2015’ of The New York State Guard (State Defense Force) is featured below.  In this issue a few great missions are listed such as a Joint Engineering mission with The National Guard, The NYG Rebooting The Emergency Radio System and The St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


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Pg. 5 – NYG Reboots Emergency Radio System

Pg. 8 – New York Guard Service Members Receive Educational Benefits through Partnership with Mercy College

Pg. 11 – Engineers Joint Training with National Guard

Pg. 13 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Below is a list of previous editions of New York State Military’s newsletter known as ‘Guard Times’.  There are quite a few articles featuring The New York State Guard (State Defense Force).


Summer 2015 – Click Here to Read

Pg. 36 – Rebooting Emergency Radio Systems

Pg. 37 – Recalling Guard Service in Sleepy Hollow


Spring 2015 – Click Here to Read

Pg. 40 – Volunteers Learn Emergency Debris Removal

Pg. 41 – Guardsman Receives Valor Medal



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