SARSPEC – 6 Months of Intense Training for Search & Rescue

One of the latest classes of the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) to undergo SARSPEC has recently completed their 5th month of training.  This intense training program provides the troops of the GSDF the training needed to conduct Search & Rescue operations throughout the state.

Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) Soldier Pfc. Lauren Boyle-Estheimer shines a flashlight across a footprint to detect its details as part of GSDF Search and Rescue Specialist II (SARSPEC) training.
GSDF Soldiers recently completed their fifth month of intense SARSPEC training. This physically demanding course encompasses various skills required to be an effective member of a search and rescue effort. Topics and skills include evidence collection, tracking, search techniques, victim behavior, and rappelling. Students will head into their final month of training and graduation in August.
Georgia State Defense Force photo by Unit Public Affairs Representative 1st Lt. David Levine

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