Poll – Which State Defense Force is the Most Active and has a Great Relationship with The National Guard?

There are twenty State Defense Forces throughout the country serving their State & National Guard. Some State Defense Forces are more active than others, have a better relationship with their National Guard, and receive more training and active duty missions than others. There are even multiple SDF’s that have a very strong relationship with their National Guard that has them utilized more than other SDFs.
Which State Defense Force do you believe is the most active, has the best relationship with their National Guard, and is the example for others to follow?

Alaska State Defense Force

California State Guard

Connecticut Foot Guard

Georgia State Defense Force

Indiana Guard Reserve

Louisiana State Guard

Maryland Defense Force

Michigan Defense Force

Missouri State Defense Force

Mississippi State Guard

New Mexico State Defense Force

New York Guard

Ohio Military Reserve

Puerto Rico State Guard

South Carolina State Guard

Tennessee State Guard

Texas State Guard

Vermont State Guard

Virginia Defense Force

Washington State Guard

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