Ohio SDF Honor Guard Troops Train to Perfect Their Ceremonial Duty

During their July training the troops of the Ohio Military Reserve (State Defense Force) Honor Guard Detachment trained to perfect their ceremonial duties. They developed their Drill & Ceremony procedures to ensure they all move in perfect unison to provide a perfect Ceremonial duty. They also spent their time working to properly fold the United States Flag to ensure it meets US Military standards, this is the flag that would be presented to the wife or family of the Veteran.

One of the most important missions of the Ohio Military Reserve is Honor Guard Duty. They have a unit purely devoted to provide this pivotal duty. They have been assigned this mission by the Adjutant General of Ohio (Senior National Guard General) to provide this service to all Military Veterans who have passed away.

OHMR Soldiers are under orders to conduct monthly honor guard duty for veteran funerals at military cemeteries in Ohio. Honor Guard training was recently conducted at Norwalk Armory for Soldiers who volunteer to participate in this solemn work on behalf of America’s veterans. OHMR Soldiers help to assure that our nation’s veterans receive the honors due their service as they are laid to eternal rest.


















Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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