TX State Guard 2nd Brigade Continues to Develop Their Search & Rescue Skills

The 2nd Brigade of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) have recently spent many of their weekend training drills developing their Search & Rescue (SAR) skillset. Between classroom instruction and in the field exercises they are ensuring their troops are fully trained and qualified to provide Search & Rescue in the event they are called upon.

The Texas State Guard has been expanding their Search & Rescue capabilities in the recent years. They now have highly specialized and certified SAR troops & instructors, as well as a Maritime component that can provide SAR on the rivers throughout Texas. They even assist the Army National Guard with aerial Search & Rescue missions.

Guardsmen of Alpha and Bravo Companies, 4th Battalion, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, review and practice Land Navigation, grid search and movement exercises in Angleton, Texas, August 13-14th, 2022. Recurring classroom and field training exercises keep the troops ready for various mission tasks as they may occur in the wake of natural disasters or other emergencies, fulfilling the 2nd Brigade Motto: “ad omnia parati”, ready for anything! Well done! (Texas State Guard photos) #duty #honor #texas #txlege #TXMilitary #TXSG #TexansServingTexas











Source: Texas State Guard

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