Three Maryland Defense Force Soldiers Awarded Meritorious Service Medal For Aiding Victims of Car Crash

While on their way to their training facility three Maryland Defense Force Soldiers witnessed a car crash between two vehicles. The Soldiers quickly sprung to action by safely removing the victims from the vehicles to a safe location. They then ensured the victims were cared for until emergency services arrived on scene. Also the soldiers took over traffic control duties to ensure the safe passage of vehicle traffic until police arrived.

The three soldiers were Lieutenant Colonel Sierra DeLeon-Braiterman, Lieutenant Perminder Singh, and Staff Sergeant Seth Weg. The Commanding General of the Maryland Defense Force, Brigadier General Gregory Juday, recently presented these three soldiers The Meritorious Service Medal for their actions on that day.

Congratulations to LTC Sierra DeLeon-Braiterman, LT Perminder Singh and SSG Seth Weg who were recognized at the November Drill for aiding victims of a 2 vehicle collision by removing them to safety and controlling traffic until police arrived. “Ready, When Called.”






























Source: Maryland Defense Force

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