Texas 3rd Brigade Troops Undergo Swim Qualification

Soldiers from The 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade of The Texas State Guard spent their November Consolidated Drill undergoing Swim Qualification. These soldiers performed a variety of maneuvers from diving to ensuring they can float with all their gear on.

The Texas State Guard has a number of missions, such as Maritime Search & Rescue, where swimming is a vital part of the mission. Soldiers need to be trained swimmers so they can be self sufficient in the water while performing whatever task assigned to them.

To learn more about The Texas State Guard Maritime missions catch up on some of their previous missions:

Recently during 3rd Brigade, Texas State Guard,1st Battalion monthly drill-Weslaco, swim qualifications for 2nd class swimmers where troops performed floating, diving into the water, and floating with all their gear to qualify. Hooah 1st BN Outstanding!!! #duty #honor #texas #TXSG









































Source: Texas State Guard

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