Ensuring State Defense Force Troops Meet The High Standards Of The Military

State Defense Forces nationwide are held to the same military standards as The National Guard. The military laws of the state set the standards for discipline, chain of command, Absence Without Leave (AWOL), etc. that every soldier and officer must follow. These regulations and laws continuously evolve as the decades tick by so as to adapt to the changing technology. And it is the duty of The Inspector General of The State Defense Force to ensure each and every soldier in the force complies with every facet of State Military Law and that they are held to the highest standards of military expectation.

Recently Lieutenant Colonel Robert W. Basso discussed his time as Inspector General of The New York Guard. He dove into how societal changes and the growth of technology have challenged the mission of The Inspector General.

Here is the article:

Former NYG Officer responsible for Investigations reminisces about time in Service

Story by SGT Richard Mayfield- New York Guard Public Affairs

Serving faithfully is the goal of every military officer. The dedicated men and women of the New York Guard, who make up the officer corps of the State’s defense force, have always kept that commitment primarily as they lead by serving.

After serving faithfully and with honor for over 17 years, Lieutenant Colonel Robert W. Basso, former Inspector General of the New York Guard retired from service in July 2021.

LT COL Basso began his career with the New York Guard as a Sergeant in the 56th Area Command. It wasn’t long before his experience in law enforcement and enthusiasm for the work caught the attention of his superiors. He successfully completed the advanced officer’s course and was promoted to Captain, becoming company commander for the Military Police unit within the then 56th Brigade. After continued training and service time Basso was assigned to the former Army Division as an Assistant Inspector General.

Captain Basso had found his niche and utilized his expertise in law enforcement to advise numerous commands about a host of issues facing the New York Guard during a time of great transition and changing missions. Basso’s steady counsel and policy directions helped to enhance the professionalism and integrity of the force.

His numerous investigations of conflicts and potential violations sent a message that the New York Guard was responsible to the people of New York State and held to a higher standard of service. It was his efforts, along with those who served with him in the Inspector General’s Corps that made the New York Guard the respected and professional organization we know today.

Appointed as the Inspector General in 2010, LT COL Basso brought his full vision to bear on making the Inspector General’s Office accessible and a resource for all service members. As the times and our nation changed so did the issues facing the Guard.

Infractions, that once seemed incredibly important to previous generations were still a part of the code of military justice however, service members today face issues of violence, discrimination and sweeping societal expectations that required the Inspector General’s team to stay on the forefront of technology, laws, and cultural changes.

“I wanted to make sure that the Inspector General’s Office was prepared for the 21st Century”, said Basso. “Our service members need to know that when they contact us their issues will be reviewed, quickly, impartially and with complete professionalism.”

As noted in his recent citation for the New York State Medal for Meritorious Service, “LT COL Basso has demonstrated leadership, selfless service, dedication to duty and commitment to the New York Guard.”  To some, these words come easy to others like LT COL Basso and the members he commanded they mean much more. They represent a higher calling based upon a respect for the rule of law tempered by a respect for the rights of the individual.

The New York Guard salutes LT COL Basso and expresses our thanks for his leadership, dedication, and commitment. His efforts and unflagging belief in the New York Guard have helped to make this an organization committed to integrity and focused on the needs of the current and next generation of soldiers.

Source: New York Guard

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