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New Bills & Legislative Updates for California, Connecticut, Georgia & Hawaii

We added and updated a number of legislative bills for a multitude of State Defense Forces, from The California State Guard to The Hawaii State Defense Force.

Two bills have been added to The California State Guard (State Defense Force). The first bill, AB1605, provides additional High School services and assistance to children of military families, including California State Guard. The second, AB 1342, provides for a fee waiver for first time college students who serve in The US Military or California State Military.

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A new bill has been introduced in The Connecticut legislature that allows for specialized license plates for members of The Connecticut State Military.

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House Bill 1285, also known as The Florida State Guard Act, has passed all House and Senate processes and is on its way to The Governors office for their signature.

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We updated a Georgia legislature bill that detailed related to Probate Judges being able to serve in The State Military.

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Lastly we added a bill for The Hawaii Defense Force, which at the current moment is inactive. The bill provides for the same pay & allowances as well as housing allowance as The National Guard. When The Defense Force is once again activated by The State Legislature these laws will automatically apply to the organization when created.

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