Updated Legislation for Virginia Defense Force, Washington State Guard & California State Guard

We have updates to number of legislative bills for a number of State Defense Forces nationwide.

First up is The Virginia Defense Force. Unfortunately three legislative bills have been called to be deceased. The legislative bills include House Bills 1522, 1868, and 1228. HB 1522 related to deductions for taxable income for volunteer firefighters, volunteer emergency medical services personnel and of course The Virginia Defense Force. HB 1868 included specialized license plates for spouses of deceased US Military veterans and Virginia Defense Force veterans. Lastly HB 1228 provided Line Of Duty benefits to those employees of Higher Education institutions. While these bills did not pass, one bill, House Bill 2080, did pass and was signed into law. This bill provides for a specialized license plate for women veterans including those who served in The Virginia Defense Force. So if you’re a former female service member of The Virginia Defense Force you can obtain a specialized license plate for your vehicle, so your service maybe appreciated by your fellow Virginias.

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For those who serve in The Washington State Guard, we’ve been tracking House Bill 1235 which concerns fish and wildlife licensing requirements. The bill was sent back to committee for another reading.

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Lastly for The California State Guard, we updated a multitude of bills. Many bills such as AB 1605 which provides additional High School services and assistance to children of military families and AB 1342, which provides for a fee waiver for first time college students who serve in The US Military of California State Military, passed and became law. We also updated a number of other bills such as AB 322, AB 237, and AB 228.

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