Poll – What Should The Retirement Age of State Defense Forces Be?

In the United States Military, service members are subject to a mandatory retirement age, which is set at 66 years. This policy ensures a balance between experience and physical capability within the ranks. However, the age limits for serving in the State Defense Forces, which operate at the state level, differ significantly from the federal standards. These state-specific forces allow for greater flexibility in terms of age limits, acknowledging the diverse roles and requirements within their ranks.
For instance, the Texas State Guard stands out by permitting its soldiers and officers to serve up to the age of 70, reflecting its unique operational needs and the value placed on the experience of senior members. On the other hand, some other State Defense Forces have set their maximum age limits at 64
What do you believe should every State Defense Force have set for their mandatory retirement age?
  • 64
  • 67
  • 70
  • Higher Than 70
  • No Retirement Age, per individual analysis basis

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