About StateDefenseForce.com

Welcome to StateDefenseForce.com, a dedicated non-profit platform committed to advocating for the establishment and development of State Defense Forces (SDFs), also known as State Guards, across the United States. Our mission is to strengthen the fabric of our national defense and security by promoting the invaluable role that State Defense Forces play alongside the National Guard and other state authorities.

Our Mission and Vision

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to campaign vigorously for the creation and enhancement of State Defense Forces throughout the nation. We believe in the critical role these forces play in bolstering state and national security, aiding in disaster response, and enhancing the military readiness of the United States. Through our platform, we aim to be a central hub for the latest news, missions, and training updates from State Defense Forces across the country, providing our visitors with up-to-date information and insightful analysis.

News and Interviews

StateDefenseForce.com serves as a dynamic news platform, offering exclusive content including in-depth interviews with State Defense Force commanders, National Guard commanders, and Adjutant Generals—the senior National Guard officers in each state. These interviews provide our audience with a unique perspective on the challenges and achievements of State Defense Forces and the National Guard, fostering a deeper understanding of their pivotal roles.

Advocacy and Expansion

Our advocacy extends to both state and federal legislators, with whom we engage to expand the mission scope of State Defense Forces. By demonstrating how State Defense Forces can significantly contribute to their state’s safety and security while offering cost-effective solutions, we aim to persuade more states to establish their own State Defense Forces. For states already with SDFs, we advocate for enhanced support and broader operational roles, ensuring they can more effectively assist the National Guard, local, and state authorities.

Community and Support

Understanding the challenges faced by State Defense Forces with limited budgets, StateDefenseForce.com is embarking on initiatives to support these organizations through resource provision and fundraising efforts. We are reaching out to veteran and disabled veteran groups to offer opportunities for continued service, aiming to rekindle the camaraderie and sense of purpose that comes with wearing the uniform. Our goal is to create pathways for these veterans to continue to contribute meaningfully to their state and country’s security and well-being.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, StateDefenseForce.com is committed to expanding our reach and impact, fostering the development of State Defense Forces nationwide. We believe that a robust network of State Defense Forces is key to a thriving, secure country. Through advocacy, support, and community engagement, we aim to champion the State Defense Force cause, ensuring they are recognized as an indispensable part of America’s defense mechanism.

Join Us

Together, we can strengthen our nation’s defense and community resilience. Whether you’re a current member of a State Defense Force, a veteran looking to continue your service, or a supporter of our nation’s military readiness, we welcome you to StateDefenseForce.com. Join us in our mission to support and expand State Defense Forces across the country, for a safer, stronger future.

StateDefenseForce.com is also known as The State Guard & Defense Force Council