Projects in the Works

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Completed Projects:

  • Uniforms of the State Defense Force database
  • Full Mobile Website Menu functionality
  • State Defense Force Online Store creation
  • New State Defense Force Online Store items each week
  • Commander’s Brief with SGAUS President & MG Jay Coggan of the California State Guard
  • Commanders Brief featuring BG David J. Warager of the New York Guard
  • Commander’s Brief with BG Mark D Gelhardt Sr. of the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF)
  • Updated Federal Legislation Section
  • Creation and updated State Legislative Section
    • Alaska
    • California
    • Georgia
    • New Mexico
    • New York
    • Texas
  • ReDesign Website to a More Modern Theme
  • Complete repairs to HTML bugs on Website
  • The missions of the SDF
  • State Legislation
  • More Commanders Brief episodes (Audio)

And because of our Patreon supporters we are able to post more frequent updates to our news section of State Defense Force missions, training & activations.


Current & Upcoming Projects:

In regards to our upcoming projects, Patreon supporters are able to determine which projects we work on first.  To become a Patreon supporter visit – Our Patreon Page

  • SDF Yearly Budget Database
  • Transcribe Commanders Brief episodes (Ongoing)
  • SGAUS Convention
  • SDF Basic Training documentary
  • SDF Height & Weight Standards Database
  • The International Deployment of the Maryland SDF Article