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NYG Annual Training 2015 Photos

Here are some photos albums covering The New York Guard’s (State Defense Force) Annual Training this year.   New York Guard 2015 AT (Annual Training) – Click Here To View New York Guard Decon Exercise AT 2015 (CERFP) – Click Here To View

NYC Veterans Day Parade

During The 2015 Veterans Day Parade The New York Guard’s (State Defense Force) 88th Brigade marched alongside The Army National Guard’s 69th Infantry Regiment.  Both The 88th Brigade and 69th Infantry Regiment trace their histories back to The American Civil…

Maryland Rallies for Baltimore

In May, Baltimore had a great deal of civil unrest.  In response The Governor activated The Army National Guard and Maryland State Defense Force.  Here is a news excerpt from the activation: Maryland Defense Force Rallies for Baltimore By MAJ (MDDF)…