State Legislation


H.B. 126 – Click Here to Read

“An Act relating to workers’ compensation benefits for members of the organized militia.”

Status: Passed House & Senate

Last Action: Referred to Rules Committee (02/2018)



H.B. 2058 – Click Here to Read

“An Act relating to workers’ compensation benefits for members of the organized militia.”

Status: IN HOUSE

Last Action: Second Reading (02/2018)



House Bill 1069

“Increasing the amount of a subtraction modification under the Maryland income tax for certain qualifying volunteer fire, rescue, and emergency medical services members for certain taxable years beginning after December 31, 2019.”

The bill allows State Defense Force members to adjust the subtractions to their yearly tax returns.

Status: IN HOUSE (02/2018)



House Bill 277

“State Defense Force changes”

The bill modifies certain elements that pertain to the New Mexico State Defense Force such as age limits, and worker compensation while on duty.

Status: PASSES HOUSE (02/2018)



Assembly Bill 8801

“Provides a fifteen percent property tax exemption for members of the New York guard.”

The bill would provide active members of the New York Guard a 15% tax exemption for property taxes.

Status: Referred to real property taxation (01/2018)


Senate Bill 7314

“Provides a definition for the terms veteran and armed forces; amends the effectiveness thereof.”

This bill pertains to applicants who wish to waiver of application fees for
civil service examinations.  (New York Guard Included)

Status: Passed House & Senate (02/2018)


Senate Bill 721

“Relates to establishing the private employers veterans’ preference policy act”

This bill pertains to allow private companies to adopt a veterans’ preference for hiring,
promoting, or retaining a veteran. (New York Guard included)

Status: Passed House & Senate (02/2018)



None Currently


Relating to a waiver of certain state park fees for military service members and veterans.

Relating to an exemption from certain state and local governmental fees for active duty members of the Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard.

Relating to the Texas Medal for the Defense of Freedom award.

Relating to a ribbon for certain members of the military forces who served in support of operations to secure the Texas border. (Texas State Guard included)

Relating to eligibility for the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program.

Relating to an exemption for certain law enforcement and military personnel from the requirement to complete a hunter education program. (Texas State Guard included)