• House Bill 360 – Click Here To Read Bill
    • Summary: Title 39a – National Guard and Militia Act
      • Clarifies that the State Defense Force is not subject to federal activation, various other changes such as:
        • Removal of the term militia from referring to the State Defense Force
        • Removal of text that doesnt allow the United States to prescribe Military Regulations to the State Defense Force. However it is stated in the bill the same Military Laws & Regulations that apply to the National Guard also apply to the State Defense Force
        • Removed the exemption that State Defense Force members cannot be arrested while on Active Duty
        • Removed the exemption that State Defense Forces are exempt from Jury Duty
        • Removes the ability of State Defense Force Officers to take charge of situations from other agencies
      • Status: Passed on March 24 2022 – 100% progression
      • Last Action: 2022-03-24 – Governor Signed in Lieutenant Governor’s office for filing

*Utah does NOT have an active State Defense Force / State Guard