Recruiting Initiatives

Our Recruiting Initiatives program is dedicated to enhancing the recruitment efforts of State Defense Forces across the nation. By collaborating with The US Military and leveraging a wide range of advertising platforms—including social media, highway billboards, streaming services, TV, and radio—we aim to significantly boost the visibility and awareness of State Defense Forces. This comprehensive approach is designed to attract a diverse and committed pool of recruits, ultimately increasing the troop numbers and strengthening the operational capabilities of State Defense Forces nationwide.

Current Initiative:

  • New York Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)
    • Summary of program: We are working with The NY MEPS to develop brochures that would be placed at locations throughout the facility.
    • Goal of program: For those applicants who cannot join The US military due to multitude of factors. From not meeting the academic requirements, to having a physical or medical disability, we intend to provide these applicants an alternate method to serve their State and Country.
    • Status:
      • Video Conference with Director of New York MEPS Commander – Completed
      • Hire contractor to develop a professional brochure to provide information and contact resources for nearby State Defense Forces – Completed
      • Make edits and develop final draft for review by New York MEPS – Completed
      • Sent brochure to NY MEPS Command for review – Completed

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