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Puerto Rico SDF Incredible response to Hurricane Maria & IRMA

During 2017, Hurricane IRMA & Maria swept through the Caribbean causing major devastation and destruction.  One of the islands that was seriously impacted was Puerto Rico.  In response the Governor activated the Puerto Rico National Guard and Puerto Rico State Guard (State Defense Force) to respond to the crisis.  The Puerto Rico State Guard was tasked with numerous missions in support and augmentation of National Guard forces.  Unconfirmed sources put the activation as high as 800 soldiers.  Below is a list of articles, pictures and social media posts detailing their missions, which included security, logistics, medical and engineering.


  • Navy Will Provide Puerto Rico with Direly Needed Hospital Services in Wake of Hurricane Maria – Link
  • Aid Is Getting to Puerto Rico. Distributing It Remains a Challenge – Link
  • FEMA: Puerto Rico State Guard – Link

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