New York Guard updates

The New York Guard has been especially busy the past year, here are some of the updates:



– Winter & Spring 2017 (Link)

Top Highlights from issues:

1. Soldiers Provide Assistance to Naval Militia exercise

2. New York Guard Band supports NY ARNG 42nd Infantry Division Band

3. Sleepy Hollow Commemoration

4. New York Guard Engineers help with Army National Guard Road Clearing

5. New York Guard 88th Brigade conducts Communications Exercises on Long Island


More from 2017:

– Successful Drill Shows New York Guard Commo Team is Ready for Action (Link)

– New York Guard 89th Army Bank welcomes new members (Link)

– 88th Brigade Commemorates The Battle of Fredericksburg (Link)

– New York Guard provides Support for 69th Infantry’s First Annual Holiday Dine-In Event (Link)

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