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South Carolina SDF tasked with assisting Department of Corrections

The South Carolina State Guard (State Defense Force) was recently tasked with a new mission by the Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster.  The Governor signed an executive order ordering the South Carolina State Guard to help augment The S.C. Department of Corrections in its mission to stop contraband from entering its facilities.  The State Guard (State Defense Force) will assist the Department of Corrections in patrolling the exterior of the facilities and guard towers.


Read the article below for the official news brief.

In the photo below, S.C. State Guard Commander, MG Tom Mullikin, speaks just after Gov. Henry McMaster (on the right in the photo) signed an executive order allowing SCSG personnel to augment S.C. Department of Corrections Anti-Contraband effort.
The order establishes a partnership between the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) and the South Carolina State Guard and empowers the State Guard to assist SCDC with additional manpower in patrolling the exterior of correction facilities and fence towers.

“We’ve had a problem for years with cell phones, and once that phone gets inside, a prisoner can conduct a criminal enterprise on the outside,” said Gov. Henry McMaster. So, I have issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency in the South Carolina prisons due to this contraband and order the South Carolina State Guard under the command of Major General Tom Mullikin to assist the Department of Corrections in patrolling the exterior of the facilities and guard towers to prevent such contraband from being thrown over or being dropped by drones over the fences.”

“I want to thank Governor McMaster and I want to thank the State Guard for stepping up and accepting this mission,” said S.C. Department of Corrections Director Bryan Stirling. “This literally will help ensure the safety of our institutions. This will allow us to take our perimeter security personnel and move them inside, making it safer for the corrections officers and the inmates.”

“The State Guard has been protecting South Carolina since 1670, and we’re delighted and honored to have this opportunity to help stand up and protect not only the guards, but the surrounding communities of the prisons we will be supporting as a force multiplier,” said MG Tom Mullikin. “Not only will this be an effective solution, but it will also be a cost-effective solution, because the services offered by our professionals are offered at no cost to the state.”

Source: South Carolina State Guard 

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