NY Guard recognized for supporting Air National Guard ATSO Exercise

The New York Guard (State Defense Force) was recently recognized for their support for a large Air National Guard training exercise.  Twenty five soldiers of the New York Guard was tasked to provide logistical support to 600 Air National Guard servicemembers who were undergoing a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) / Ability To Survive and Operate (ATSO) exercise.  The State Guard provided logistical support in a variety of aspects from traffic control, intelligence briefings, safety, radio communications, to supply.


Here is the article:

New York Guard Supports New York Air National Guard in Ability to Survive and Operate Exercise (ASOE)

Story and photos by Colonel Glen Marchi, Commander 56th Area Command- New York Guard/

New York Guard, 56th Area Command (AC), headquartered in Peekskill, NY provided logistical support for a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) / Ability To Survive and Operate (ATSO) training exercise for the New York Air National Guard, 105th Airlift Wing (AW), Stewart Air National Guard Base (ANGB), New Windsor, NY on 11-12Jan20 and 8-9Feb20.  This unique training opportunity put 105thAW through a series of training stations under stress and in a contested and degraded environment.

Over 600 Service Members of the 105th AW completed the training exercise at a very ambitious pace in the span of only 20 hours total.  A team of 25 New York Guard Service Members fulfilled a variety of crucial logistical support functions such as traffic control, intelligence briefings, safety, radio communications, and supply.

Specialist Jennifer Alvarado, 56th Area Command, New York Guard, conducts inventory control of shared equipment for the exercise
Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) support of CBRNE exercise Jan-Feb 2020.
L-R SSG Luis Ojeda, SSG James Masi, SGT Mark Pisanelli, SFC Felix Ortiz 56th Area Command, New York Guard.

“This was a great exercise in team partnership between the New York Guard and the New York Air National Guard.  I am very proud of our team’s efforts toward achieving Mission Essential Task List (METL) readiness”, COL Glenn Marchi, Commander 56th AC.

The knowledge and experience that New York Guard brought to the effort, their tenacity and mission focus was evident throughout the entirety of the training exercise.  “We simply could not have pulled off the monumental lift of moving pieces without New York Guard assistance, and for that we are grateful.  Your troops contributed in a substantial way to the readiness and lethality of the 105th AW members as we prepare to face new and complex threats in the operational space”, Col. Denise Donnell, Commander 105th AW.

Sergeant Matthew Gussow, 56th Area Commandm, New York Guard, providing traffic control at Entry Control Point for exercise January 11-12, 2020.

Source: New York Guard

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