27th Infantry Division Commander presents Certificate of Appreciate to NY Guard Soldier

The commander of the New York Army National Guard 27th Infantry Division, Colonel Charlesworth, recently presented Officer Candidate Michael Rehbaum of the New York Guard (State Defense Force) a certificate of appreciation for his service during the Covid 19 activation.  OC Rehbaum was on active duty supporting the Army National Guard in its Public Affairs Mission for 10 weeks.


The New York Guard has soldiers doing outstanding jobs in the work they’re doing all over New York State on the COVID 19 mission.
Today we’re celebrating the work of Officer Candidate Michael Rehbaum. OC Rehbaum is about to come off mission after 10 weeks as the Public Affairs Officer for JTF-4 in Syracuse.
OC Rehbaum was recently given a certificate of appreciation and a much sought after 27th IBCT challenge coin by Col. Charlesworth, commanding officer of the 27th IBCT. He received these items in recognition of his hard work, dedication and commitment to the mission of JTF-4.
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