Rare Photos of NY Guard on State Active Duty during 9/11

The New York Guard (State Active Duty) was placed on immediate State Active Duty (SAD) as the attacks of September 11th were unfolding.  Their mission included providing security & radio communication at National Guard armories throughout Manhattan.  Their mission expanded to managing logistics for the Search & Rescue mission at Ground Zero.  During that time, an officer managed to snap a few photos of the soldiers on duty.


WTC-Duty. After spending 36 hours in NYC, providing security and Radio Communication at the Park Avenue Armory and Lexington Avenue Armory in NYC and visiting National Guard troops at Ground Zero to determine needs for wills, healthcare proxies etc., my New York Guard, Civil Affairs unit was assigned to work in logistics at the Westbury (King Kullen) warehouse. There were warehouses positioned in various places in NYS to receive and distribute supplies for the search and recovery mission.
We worked together to unload trucks coming from all over, kept the warehouse organized and loaded trucks with supplies needed in NYC. It seems so long ago and also, just like yesterday.
RIP CPT Scannell, who served with us and has since passed away. I miss your sense of humor, buddy– you kept us all sane.
Source: Colonel Carole Ryder, New York Guard
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