TX State Guard SAR Team conducts Field Training Exercise

The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) Search & Rescue (SAR) Team recently held a Field Training Exercise (FTX) for the troops of 1st Brigade, TXSG. These troops are in the process of certifying to become a member of the SAR Team. The Texas State Guard SAR Team is one of the most important units in the force who are regularly called upon by local and State agencies to assist in SAR operations.

Soldiers of the Texas State Guard Search and Rescue (SAR) team conduct field training, in various SAR skills performing area searches, route searches, man tracking, near Greenville. Working with ropes and harnesses, tying knots, and improvising harnesses demonstrated in a rope bridge demonstration while crossing a river or ravine with equipment, safely and efficiently. The SAR program is certifying TXSG soldiers to assist and partner with local jurisdictions across the state in search and rescue operations. (Photos by 1LT Sonya Martinez and SSG Christopher Parrish)







Source: Texas State Guard

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