Ohio Military Reserves 1st SGT Saves Childs Life

During a Basketball game at his local High School, 1st SGT Mikeal Proper observed and came to aid a child who fell through the bleachers. 1st SGT Proper immediately came to the aid of the injured child and provided life saving care. He was recently awarded the Ohio Military State Reserve (OHMR) Lifesaving Medal for leaping to action.

Congratulations to 1SG(OH) Mikeal Proper (right) of the 3rd Medical Detachment for receiving the OHMR Lifesaving Medal. Proper helped save the life of child recently who had fallen through the bleachers at a high school basketball game. The award was present in December by OHMR Commander (acting) LTC(OH) James Nowak (left).
-Photos by SPC (OH) Catherine Lyons


Source: Ohio State Military Reserve

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