From the US Marine Corps to VA Defense Force, Retiring Colonel is Awarded National Guard Legion of Merit

Colonel Dennis Mroczkowski was recently awarded the Virginia National Guard Legion of Merit for his lifelong service to his state & country. Colonel Mroczkowski enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1968, served in combat in Vietnam & in the Operations of Desert Storm, Somalia, Haiti & Bosnia. After retiring in 1999, he returned to Active Duty to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. After ending his Active Duty career he joined the Virginia Defense Force and finished his service career serving as Deputy Commander of the Defense Force.

The Adjutant General of Virginia, Maj. Gen. Timothy P. Williams, attended the ceremony and handed the award to Colonel Dennis Mroczkowski. One of the last events of the ceremony was the TAG promoting Colonel Dennis Mroczkowski to Brigadier General.

We wish Brigadier General Dennis Mroczkowski a happy retirement and thank him for his incredible service.

Retired Col. (Va.) Dennis Mroczkowski receives the Virginia National Guard Legion of Merit in recognition of his dedicated service to the Virginia Defense Force and is placed on the retired list of the Virginia militia, unorganized, as a brigadier general during a retirement ceremony Feb. 16, 2022, at the VNG Sergeant Bob Slaughter Headquarters at Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. Maj. Gen. Timothy P. Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia, was the host for the event, and he was joined by VDF senior leaders.
Mroczkowski enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1968, then earned his commission through Officer Candidate School. He served a combat tour in Vietnam, then continued his service in the Marine Corps Reserve during Operation Desert Storm as well as in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia. He retired as a colonel in 1999, then was recalled to active duty in 2003 to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He joined the VDF in 2006 and served at the senior staff and command level including commander of Division Troop Command and later the commander of the Lafayette Brigade as well as the VDF historian. He finished his VDF service as deputy commander from 2014 to his retirement in October 2020.


Source: Virginia Defense Force

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