Maryland State Defense Force Announces Major Partnership with University, including Discounted Tuition

The Maryland Defense Force recently announced a major partnership with Capital Technology University. Both organizations will work hand in hand to develop leadership courses and hold conferences pertaining to Cyber Security & Engineering. This partnership will provide members of the Maryland Defense Force a discounted tuition to the University, and offer currently enrolled students benefits for joining the SDF.

This is a huge initiative that will attract new members into the Maryland Defense Force in the fields of Cyber-Security & Engineering, both professions the Maryland Defense Force utilize to assist the Maryland National Guard in mission support.

MDDF and Capitol Technology University Partner for the Future
The Maryland Defense Force (MDDF) and Laurel, Maryland based Capitol Technology University (Capitol Tech) signed a memorandum of understanding and have now become partners in education. This partnership is designed to “expand, enhance and improve educational opportunities” to members of the MDDF. As part of the agreement, the MDDF commits to promoting awareness of Capitol Tech degree and non-degree programs to MDDF volunteers.
In order to execute the partnership both Capitol Tech and the MDDF will designate liaisons to facilitate communication and coordination. Capitol Tech will also provide MDDF members with the discounted active-duty military tuition rate for enrollees. The MDDF will in turn accept applications from Capitol Tech students who meet the MDDF eligibility criteria and who have the professional skills needed to support the State of Maryland. A special focus will be placed on potential MDDF candidates that have cybersecurity, engineering or business administration experience.
“Some areas where we can explore joint programming include creating leadership programs, seminars and conferences for MDDF personnel and Capitol Tech students. There is a lot of expertise within the MDDF and Capitol Tech so there are some training synergies we can utilize. Creating educational programs that enable degree completion in an accessible way for MDDF volunteers is another potential area of cooperation and a tangible benefit to those who join the Defense Force,” shared Brig. Gen. (MD) Gregory J. Juday, commanding general of the MDDF.
“This new partnership is a win-win for the Maryland Defense Force and for Capitol Technology University. We’re really excited to help MDDF volunteers meet their educational needs and as a result enhance their ability to serve,” said Dr. Bradford L. Sims, president of Capitol Technology University.
The Maryland Defense Force is the state’s uniformed volunteer militia branch that provides competent supplementary professional and technical support to the Maryland Military Department and the State of Maryland as needed. Established in 1917, the MDDF consists of nearly 200 personnel who perform legal, engineering, finance, medical, chaplain, field support, and ceremonial services for the State of Maryland.
MAJ Stephen Rice
MDDF Public Affairs

Source: Maryland Defense Force

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