Texas State Guard Ensures All Troops Meet Military Standards Always

3rd Platoon of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) 3rd Brigade recently held their monthly training drill. During their drill they ensured each and every troop met height and weight standards set by the Texas Military Department. Following this they underwent uniform inspections by leadership. The unit then spent the rest of the weekend certifying in ETN (Emergency Tracking Network) which is used during citizen evacuations during natural disasters, performing Drill & Ceremony (D&C), sharpened their Land Navigation skills, and setting up landing zones for causality processing.

It definetely was a busy weekend for 3rd Platoon.

This past weekend troops from 3rd Platoon of the Laredo area had their monthly drill which started of on Friday evening by getting service members their haircuts before Saturday’s training done by PV2 Rodriguez.
On Saturday they started drill with height and weight check followed by uniform inspections, ETN Operator certification course and drill and ceremony .
They also performed Counseling forms and performance evaluations on soldiers , had land navigation, 9 line , landing zones, and had the JAG Officer do power of attorneys , last will and testimonies and give info as part of their monthly drill and being mission ready.
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