NY Guard Troops Train on NY Naval Militia Ships

The New York Guard (State Defense Force) recently held a Statewide Communications exercise with both the NY Naval Militia (US Navy, US Marine Corps & Coast Guard Personnel) and the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary Service). Along with this exercise the New York Guard worked hand in hand with the Naval Militia aboard their ships. New York Guard troops got to experience firsthand the duties and operations of the Naval Militia.

Some of the missions of the New York Naval Militia include:

  • Port Security
  • Support of Law Enforcement
  • Surveillance
  • Evacuations
  • Maritime Transport

The New York Naval Militia works hand in hand with multiple agencies such as the United States Department of Homeland Security, New York Department of Homeland Security, New York Police Department, New York State Police as well as many other law enforcement agencies throughout the State to ensure safety and security on the waterways.

The New York State Military is composed of the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, New York Guard, and Naval Militia. These are all the branches that represent the New York State Military.

Also New York Guard also spent some of their training time on setting up an emergency generator, so in the case of a natural disaster, they will be able to power shelters or command facilities.

Exercise Exercise Exercise: Over the past weekend in Seneca Lake and Camp Babcock Hovey, in Ovid, NY, the New York Guard teamed up with multiple New York forces, including the New York Naval Militia and Civil Air Patrol, during Exercise Empire Challenge to train in emergency response scenarios.
Along with establishing emergency radio communications, there was even a scenario where the combined emergency response forces handled a simulated boat fire with a man overboard!
There were multiple training opportunities, including the use of a water pump, a mobile generator, and a variety of communications equipment.
Exercises such as Empire Challenge ensure that the New York Guard is prepared to handle emergencies in both solo and joint response situations.
New York Guard photos by 1LT James Chin.


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