In Wake of Natural Disasters, 2nd Brigade Focuses on Search & Rescue Training

In the last few years many natural disasters have affected Texas, from heavy snowfall to wildfires. During their July Inactive Duty Training weekend, the troops of the 2nd Brigade of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) spent their time developing and adding to their Seach & Rescue (SAR) skillet.

Guardsmen of 4th Battalion, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, practice land navigation and tracking skills during a recent field training exercise at George Bush Park, Houston, Texas. This prepares troops to better assist in search and rescue missions in the wake of natural disasters and other emergencies. Well done! 2nd Brigade, Ad Omnia Parati, “Ready for Anything”. (Texas State Guard photos) #duty #honor #texas #TXSG #TXMilitary #searchandrescue #txlege


Source: Texas State Guard

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