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South Carolina State Guard Cyber Security Team Trains to Fight Malware

Many State Defense Forces have Cyber Defense Units that assist and augment their National Guard, one of those State Defense Forces is the South Carolina State Guard. Recently the unit spent their weekend drill training on identifying and removing malware from infected computers.

Malware is also known as malicious software and when it infects a computer it steals any and all data and sends such information back to the malicious group or country agency that developed the program. It can also damage or destroy the computer or server after stealing such information, this could paralyze a company, agency, or organization. Training events such as these are imperative to have Information Technology professionals be able to locate and remove malware as quick as possible.

If you are an IT Professional and wish to serve your State and Country, visit our – Join The State Defense Force – section to get contact information for your local State Defense Force.

From search and rescue to cyber security, the South Carolina State Guard strives to remain “Trained and Ready.”

Initial Malware Triage training taught by CPT Cory Nance and Basic Image Acquisition and Forensics training taught by 2LT Torry Crass was held at the 125th Cyberintelligence Command on McEntire Joint National Guard Base from 0900-1600.
Participants in training were the Cyber Team from 125th Cyber Team along with:
1LT Jon Postiglione, G–2 Cyber
2LT Trey Stevens,, G-2 Cyber
CPT Chipetta Daniels, Rear Cdr, 125th Cyber
CPT Linda J Barry, G-2, G-2 Cyber






Source: South Carolina State Guard – Cisco

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