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Poll – Should Basic Training Instructors Wear Campaign Covers?

Each and every applicant joining the State Defense Forces, unless they served in the United States Military, must attend and graduate Initial Entry Training (Basic Training). The purpose of this training is to introduce civilian applicants to the military environment. From learning about how the Chain of Command functions, Drill & Ceremony (Marching), First Aid, Land Navigation, to understanding how military law affects them while on duty. Throughout this training process the recruits are assigned instructors who teach them this knowledge as well as instill the traditions and values of the military.

In the next few polls we want to discuss the Basic Training process and everything that is involved. The first topic we want to cover is well…covers (hats). Drill Sergeant Covers are a staple of Basic Training dating back to World War 1. The most famous is known as the Campaign Cover which is the one seen in many popular films. Some State Defense Forces have their instructors use this Campaign Cover for their Basic Training process, others have transitioned to a different style, Black Patrol Covers. This is a similar cover used by every soldier but in Black to signify their rank as instructors. Each cover has its history and its intention, but we would like to know from you what kind of cover (hat) should Initial Entry Training Instructors wear during Basic Training?

  • Campaign Covers
  • Black Patrol Covers

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