California State Guard Holds Disaster Response Exercise To Test Future NCO’s

Students from The California State Guard (State Defense Force) Non-Commissioned Officer Academy recently participated in a Disaster Response Exercise to test the skills they acquired during their leadership courses. The exercise included key soldier skills such as terrain map reading, identifying potential damage to infrastructure, rescuing injured personnel, as well as testing each soldiers capability to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate in potential disaster environments.

The Non-Commissioned Officer Academy is the school where soldiers become Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) in the California State Guard. They learn the key traits and skills that make up an NCO, which is the backbone of every military. Once they graduate they will lead and become responsible for the enlisted soldiers put under in their command.

Soldiers and Sailors from the California State Guard Non-commissioned Officer Academy are conducting a map reading course and identifying potential damage of each location in preparation for a disaster response exercise at Camp San Luis Obispo, California, November 11, 2022. This exercise is standard for all NCO Academy attendees which allows them to prepare, communicate, collaborate, and coordinate for potential disaster scenarios in and around California.
(California State Guard photos by SSG Zak Lara)


Soldiers and Sailors from the California State Guard Non-commissioned Officer Academy conduct a disaster response excercise that incorporates all three levels of the NCO Academy at Camp San Luis Obispo California, November 12, 2022.
Students from the Senior Leaders Course planned and briefed all students of the disaster response excerise. Students from the Advanced Leaders Course operated as platoon sergeants and squad leaders during the exercise and led the Basic Leadership Course students to each scenario.
(California State Guard photos by SSG Zak Lara)


Source: California State Guard

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