South Carolina 1st Civil Support Brigade Trains on Search & Rescue

The 1st Civil Support Brigade was out in the field during their recent February training drill. The unit spent their time sharpening their Search & Rescue (SAR) skills. They simulated an injured hiker being lost in the woods. The troops deployed, discovered the casualty, performed emergency medical care, and then extricated the individual from the area to a casualty collection point. These types of training missions are critical as it keeps each soldiers SAR skills fresh in the minds so when a mission comes up they are ready and able to quickly deploy.

Following the exercise the troops assisted in maintenance operations at The Huger Recreation Center located within the State Park.

Personnel of 3BN/1CSB participated in the Palmetto Pride cleanup operations February 4th at the Huger Recreation Center in Francis Marion State Park. Soldiers assisted in trash and debris cleanup as well as search and rescue training.
(Photos captured by SGT Amy Morris)


Source: South Carolina State Guard

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