Virginia Defense Force Assists Texas State Guard in CyberSword 2023 Exercise

During the recent Virginia Defense Force Multi-day Unit Training Assembly (MUTA), the Cyber Team participated in a unique exercise. They worked jointly on a cyber security exercise with The Texas State Guard. This is not the first time both forces worked together. In 2022 both The Defense Force & Texas State Guard worked on the 2022 CyberSword exercise. The CyberSword exercise involves a 3rd party, in this case The Virginia Defense Force acting as a malicious force, trying to gain access to The Texas infrastructure system. This type of training is known in the civilian world as White Hat Hacking. It allows companies to see if they’re any vulnerabilities in their IT and network system. Once found they can be patched and secured before any malicious group or state actor can discover it.

Both The Texas State Guard & Virginia Defense Force assist their National Guard in protecting and securing the States electronic infrastructure.

Members of the Virginia Defense Force 31st Cyber Battalion, 1st Regiment remotely take part in the CyberSword 2023 exercise with the Texas State Guard during the multi-day unit training assembly March 4, 2023, at Fort Pickett, Virginia. VDF cyber specialists successfully completed a validation exercise administered by the Fort Belvoir-based 91st Cyber Brigade and Fairfax-based Information Operations Support Center in December 2022. The validated personnel are now eligible for participation in cybersecurity missions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Read more about VDF cyber capabilities at https://ngpa.us/24350.













Source: Virginia Defense Force

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