History Is Important In The Georgia State Defense Force

The Georgia State Defense Force can trace its history from 1742, a time from before the founding of The country. With such a long and prestigious history it’s important for Georgia State Defense Force troops to remember and honor their history. Recently soldiers from their 5th Brigade visited multiple historical sites to directly learn the history of Georgia military forces and the battles they fought.

Soldiers from the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) 5th Brigade visit several historical sites, including Fort Frederica, St. Simons Island, Ga., March 18, 2023.
This site was part of a day-long “staff ride” through history along coastal Georgia. “Staff rides,” unique techniques for conveying the lessons of the past to present day, are a part of military tradition and heritage.
The GSDF is a component of the Georgia Department of Defense. The GSDF’s lineage dates back to the citizen Soldiers of Gen. James E. Oglethorpe (the Battle of the Bloody Marsh in 1742).
Georgia State Defense Force photo by Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Bayne


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