Learn More About The PA State Guard, We Added New Articles To Our Publications Library has the largest online State Defense Force publications library on the internet. It contains dozens of articles and books on State Defense Force history. From a complete volume of The New York Guard’s (State Defense Force) training & missions during World War 1 to articles featuring The State Defense Forces role in Homeland Security operations. Our staff spends a considerable amount of time and effort to discover these lost publications and make a home for them on

In this installment we added the following articles:

  • Homeland Defense: The Pennsylvania State Guard 1941-1953
    • Summary: A history of the composition and missions of The Pennsylvania State Guard (State Defense Force) during World War 2 as well as The Korean War
    • Published 2005
    • Author: LTC. Brent C. Bankus (AUS-Ret)
  • The Texas Medical Rangers and Thousands of Patients
    • Summary: A overview of The Texas State Guard’s involvement in Operation Lone Star, an annual mission where The Texas State Guard provides no cost medical services to low income communities in Texas
    • Published 2006
    • Author: Sergeant First Class Brenda Benner, TXARNG


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