Bridging the Military Divide: South Carolina State Guard’s Day with the U.S. Coast Guard

State Defense Forces collaborate closely with a multitude of military and civilian organization. They stand shoulder to shoulder with their National Guard counterparts on almost every mission. Beyond this, they actively partner with numerous State and Federal Agencies. This includes a whole host of operations from aiding State Fire teams in combating wildfires to joining the United States Coast Guard in Maritime Search & Rescue operations.

Recently, members of The South Carolina State Guard (State Defense Force) dedicated part of their drill weekend to visit the Coast Guard Station in Georgetown. There, they interacted with the dedicated Coast Guard sailors and gained insights into the state-of-the-art equipment that this esteemed military branch utilizes to safeguard the U.S. coastlines. This interaction and cooperation between both organization will be crucial in future mission in which The South Carolina State Guard and United States Coast Guard work in Joint Task Force.

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Source: South Carolina State Guard

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